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Kite Reach 2024 Turquoise

Manufacturer part number: 85000.240004
SKU: NKB-24-1-00061_415
1349.00 €
Not available
Type Big air / Foil / WAVE
Struds 3
Model Reach
Season 2024

 Lively and playful, this 3-strut allrounder has unparalleled versatility and wind range. Easy jumps. Upwind performance. Effortless relaunch. For 2024 the Reach is lighter overall. We’ve improved the canopy tension for faster flying, and revised the arc design for a crisper, snappier response, more direct steering and more dynamic recovery. Still nimble and easy to ride, but now with a cleaner profile entry and smoother more aerodynamic shape that’s even more stable in kite loops, the Reach is your go-to kite in all conditions. The lighter construction excels in lightwind, foil and surf, without compromising the kite’s durability. Its fast, responsive steering and efficient power delivery give rise to confident boosts, loops and freestyle, while the short responsive bridle provides quick, exponential depower. In the three larger sizes, the Reach is a powerful lightwind kite designed with a predictable, consistent drive forward for TwinTip riding - long after everyone else has gone in.

‐ New lighter N-Max Dacron in all sizes  
‐ N-HTRS High Performance high tenacity ripstop canopy 
‐ Lightweight bladders in every size  
‐ Duralite seam protection  

Durable, higher tensile leading edge seams 

 There is a large amount of force on the closing seam of the leading edge due to inflation and steering movement.

 We’ve replaced the thread in the closing seam with a new lightweight thread that features a higher breaking strength and better shock-absorbing qualities. Similar to the lines on a parachute, which undergo a high amount of movement and elongation, the new thread has improved fatigue, impact and wear resistance.  
‐ Smoother segmented curve arc
‐ Improved canopy tension
‐ Cleaner profile entry
‐ Lighter weight construction
‐ Faster, more responsive steering
‐ Stable lightwind-optimised profile  
‐ Low drag with no-pulley bridle lines
‐ Direct and Responsive Steering  
‐ Confident relaunch with swept design  
‐ Precise draft-forward profile  
‐ Progressive freestyle medium high AR  
‐ Kevlar reinforced strut system with bridle deflectors  
‐ HyperFlow rapid single-point inflation 
‐ Boosts and loops with a smooth reliable catch  
‐ Incredible stability for foil and lightwind  
‐ Well-balanced tactile surf handling   
‐ Massive windrange and upwind drive  
‐ Incredibly powerful and efficient  

Boosts and loops with a smooth reliable catch

 The Reach has superb loft and hangtime with a compact steering radius, thanks to its medium-high aspect ratio design with wider wing-tip and well-balanced bridle. During a loop, many kites will pause before they climb back up, but the Reach has a smooth, consistent catch and doesn’t hesitate to come back around. 

Incredible stability for foil and light wind

 Boasting predictable, consistent power delivery in every condition, the Reach has exceptional performance at the low-end - especially at slower speeds in lighter wind. Its moderate leading-edge diameter provides additional buoyancy, helping the kite to release quickly from the water in even the lightest conditions.    

Well-balanced tactile surf handling

 Quick responsive steering and neutral static balance helps you fire up your performance in the surf, without any surprises. The Reach drifts well and doesn’t fall over, front-stall or back-stall - making it your go-to kite for foiling and wave-riding.  

New segmented curve arc for improved canopy tension  

 Where nature meets technology. We’ve revised the Reach arc shape so tension can transition more evenly through the canopy, as you would see in a catenary shape in nature.  The new segmented curve arc gives the kite a cleaner profile that is more stable in kite loops. The kite remains light and fast but now has a crisper, more snappy feel.   

Massive wind range and upwind drive

 A precise draft-forward profile gives the Reach a very smooth and efficient profile entry and upwind drive. We’ve refined the panel cuts for a cleaner profile entry, removing the heavy-duty canopy panels.

 There’s now only one panel segment instead of two, this reduces the number of seams, and helps to smooth out the profile shape, creating a smooth transition from the segmented leading edge to the curved canopy. This results in an even more aerodynamic and efficient airflow and less turbulence. 

Reduced Dacron for lighter weight

 Using a lighter weight Dacron on the leading edge and struts saves a significant amount of weight. For 2024 we’ve reduced the total amount of Dacron used on the kite, making what is already the lightest kite in our range even lighter.

 We’ve used a two-ply canopy material along the trailing edge for optimal steering and performance, without compromising strength or durability. The lighter weight kite has a snappier response, more direct steering and more dynamic recovery.

Progressive freestyle medium-high AR  

 A forgiving kite with pop when you need it for freestyle manoeuvres. The medium high aspect ratio, combined with the powerful profile, gives the Reach explosive pop. Good pop helps generate line slack for handle passes - simply load up, edge hard and pop off the water for easy freestyle progression.  

Direct and Responsive Steering  

 Tactile handling with light bar pressure and steering impulse for a fast response and tight turning radius. Refined tuning of the short responsive bridle gives the Reach quick, exponential depower, allowing you to ride it in an even wider range of conditions. 

 The bar pressure and steering impulse can be adjusted on the wing tip, allowing you to fine tune the kite's characteristics to your personal preference.    

Larger sizes light wind-optimised 

 Predictable, consistent power delivery in every condition, and exceptional performance at the low-end. The 13, 15 or 17m Reach will get you up and riding with a power-hungry twintip like the new Trace in just 8 knots.

 The combination of lighter weight materials and design elements give the kite a surprisingly light bar pressure, fast turning speed and fore and aft balance. We recommend you select your lightwind kite size according to rider weight rather than wind range. We recommend the 13m for lighter riders (under 70kg), and the 17m for heavier riders (over 85kg).

Lightweight bladders in every size  

 Bladders make up a bigger weight percentage than any other material used in a kite.

 The lighter the kite, the more efficiently it flies, the greater the performance in lighter winds, the faster the steering, the more lift created and the higher you jump.   

Durable, higher tensile leading edge seams 

 There is a large amount of force on the closing seam of the leading edge due to inflation and steering movement.

 We’ve replaced the thread in the closing seam with a new lightweig

Kite Reach 2024