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Fullsuit Star 4/3 Black

Manufacturer part number: 35000.210306
SKU: MYS-WET-001993_900
Size guide 1
195.00 €
216.99 €
Not available
Material 100% MFlex
Thickness (mm) 4/3
Season Winter
Sex Men
Arm Long
Leg Long
Zipper Frontzip

XS, S, MS, M, MT, LS, L, LT, XL

 This fullsuit is equipped with Fox lining on the chest and back for a warmer core. We've also added kneepads, made out of our new durable 4-way stretch Hex-tech material, just to keep your knees safe. Riding in style has never been so affordable!

– GBS (Glued Blind Stiched)
– Junction taping inside
– Easy entry
– Aquabarrier
– Hex-tech kneepads
– Non slip cuffs
– Front-zip
– M-flex 100%
– Fox fleece in chest & back

Fox Fleece
 Big loops in the fabric create a high pile lining that holds air for extra insulation. It holds less water enhancing the fast-drying abilities of the fabric. With its superior stretch performance in all directions it’s super suitable for every panel in all of our suit

Xtr lining
 This thermal lining on the High End wetsuits is added to help retain heat and comfort next to the skin.

Junction taping inside
 Extra taping on seam junctions to prolong the durability of your product.

M-Flex - 100%
 Now you've decided you're getting a kick out of the cold and wind, why not upgrade to M-Flex 100%? It'll keep you warm and also provides more stretch. Get ready for your next step and prepare well for the conditions you're about to face.

 With a horizontal zipper on the chest, wetsuits with a Double Front-zip open from the top. This construction allows for an easier entry. Front-zip suits have more stretch in the back panel which gives you a lot more freedom of movement.

 Aquabarrier is a silicone printing on the collarbone region of your wetsuit. This forms a barrier between the overlapping front-zip panels preventing water from entering.

Fullsuit Star 4/3