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Wind Indicator HAWK MK2 podium edition

Manufacturer: HAWK
Manufacturer part number: H014F00
SKU: LH-00022
30.00 €

  The Little Hawk Mk2 Podium Edition has all the benefits of the standard MK2, but uses the new Podium Edition Vane Arm. This has been computer designed to increase strength and stiffnes as well as reducing weight and its Moment of Enertia. This makes it overall lighter, more sensitive in light airs and more robust. The Podium Edition also uses a new locking block system so that you will never loose a Vane Arm again.

Use: Dinghy’s up to 8m.
Vane Arm Length: 15cm
Overall Height: 10cm
Overall Weight: 25gms
Bearing: Aluminium Pin
UV Protected: Yes
Balanced Arm: By design.

Ανεμοδείκτης HAWK MK2 podium edition