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Wind Indicator Hawk Cat

Manufacturer: HAWK
Manufacturer part number: H005F00
SKU: LH-00010
30.00 €

  The Cat Hawk is designed for non-spinnaker Catamarans up to 8m. It has been developed to mount onto the front of the Forestay Bridle where it is ideally situated for maximum visibility both upwind and downwind. The Cat Hawk uses the same Vane Arm as the Hawk with all the benefits of Balance, Weight and UV Protection that it brings. The Support Rod is aluminium and has the Hawk quick mount/un-mount clip for quick rigging and de-rigging.

Use: Non Spinnaker Catamarans up to 8m.
Vane Arm Length: 25cm
Overall Height: N/A
Overall Weight: 30gms
Bearing: “V” Jewel
UV Protected: Yes
Balanced Arm: Counter Weight.

Ανεμοδείκτης HAWK CAT