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Wind Indicator Great Hawk

Manufacturer: HAWK
Manufacturer part number: H002F00B
SKU: LH-00011
40.00 €
55.00 €

  The Great Hawk is a scaled up version of the original Hawk. It is designed for Cruising and Racing Yachts up to 20m. The Great Hawk Vane arm is made from the same super tough nylon and the Reference Arms are made of glassed filled nylon for ultimate rigidity and UV Protection. The precision balanced vane arm and Hawks “V” Jewel bearing surface gives instant response to shifts and gusts with minimal inertia. The Reference Arms can be preset at 55, 60 or 65 degrees or any angle you prefer and can be used for either upwind or downwind angles. The 5mm Aluminium support rod is strong enough to take normal wear and tear, but can be bent straight should it be knocked while the mast is being stepped or unstepped. The Great Hawk is easily removed from its mounting bracket with one screw and the mast bracket can be mounted vertically or horizontally. In addition the Great Hawk can be bolted down to any pre-drilled 8mm holes in the mast head crane using the supplied adaptor with nut and bolt.

Use: Cruising and Racing Yachts up to 20m.
Vane Arm Length: 38cm
Overall Height: 29cm
Overall Weight: 70gms
Bearing: “V” Jewel
UV Protected: Yes
Balanced Arm: Counter Weight.

Ανεμοδείλκτης GREAT HAWK