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Strap Set Free Surf

Manufacturer part number: 85003.240032
SKU: NKB-24-1-00272
84.00 €
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 Experience a complete connection with your board in full comfort with our premium lightweight cushioned surf straps. Featuring our unique pre-tensioned and laminated seamless KnitFlex inner material, the Free Straps allow you to customise your fit and stance, giving you freedom to move and shred in every condition. The Free Surf Straps have a flared rear strap so the screw can go either side of the rear fin box.


KnitFlex bonded inner

 Softer, smoother 3mm KnitFlex fabric is pre-tensioned and laminated to the conforming foam inner, so it can create a 3D-curve without any bunching or creasing, and there’s no stitching to rub on your foot. The Fix inners are easily removable for cleaning, with velcro to lock them in place.

 The Fix inners are easily removable for cleaning, with velcro to lock them in place.
‐ KnitFlex 4-way stretch inner
‐ Micro strap adjustment capabilities
‐ Lightweight minimalist design
‐ Range of foot strap positions
‐ Freedom within the footstrap
‐ Centred strap configuration
‐ Screw hole reinforcement
‐ Elasticized strap-end screw covers
‐ Compatible with Charge and Cross surfboards

KnitFlex 4-way stretch inner

 Our new KnitFlex softer lightweight neoprene material is bonded with pre-shaped dual-density foam and contoured for maximum comfort. The stitchless inner stops pressure points.

Micro strap adjustment

 Asymmetric strap washers allow you to customise your fit. Simply rotate the washer 180 degrees to loosen or tighten the fit around your foot without repositioning the strap.

Lightweight minimalist design

 Classic black embossed PU leather for a timeless look. Because less is more. 

Range of foot strap positions

 Including wide stance for increased control when surfing, through to a narrower, more locked in freeride stance.

Freedom within the footstrap

 Tighten attachment screws firmly for a more locked-in feeling, or back the screws off slightly for more movement and a looser feel when riding.

Centred strap configuration

 Allows entry from either rail, for switching stance.

Screw hole reinforcement

 Smooth and accurate 3D printed screw hole reinforcing on the underside of strap for added comfort and durability.

Elasticized strap-end screw covers

 Neoprene screw covers protect your feet from abrasion and impact.

Product includes: Standard Foot Strap, Asymmetric Foot Strap, 5x 6.3x25mm Screws, 3x Single Washers, 1x Double Washer

Strap Set Free Surf