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Race Carbon Boom Black

Manufacturer: North WINDSURF
Manufacturer part number: 55004.230009
SKU: NORTH-WS-23-00030_900
1349.00 €
Not available

 Ultimate Carbon Booms aim to complete the windsurf boom trifecta of maximizing stiffness and strength with minimum weight. With a FEM optimized lay-up, material is added only to high-stress areas, ensuring that it can be removed in low-stress areas, and only put material where you need it. All features ensure that your sail is turbocharged and performing to maximum design potential. Drive your sail with maximum responsiveness, with instant feedback, at the flick of a wrist. A unique combination of design, materials & technology. Go Beyond.

- FEM Optimized Lay-Up
- Monocoque Front End
- Carbon Reinforced Boom Head. Single Piece
- Boom Head Fits All Masts: RDM (With Shim) / MDM or SDM
- Race/Free Race Sail Optimized Boom Curve
- Variable Diameter Boom Arms
- Plastic Adjustment Clips & Pins / Fiber Reinforced
- Internal Adjustable Outhaul System

- 100% T800 Carbon

Μάτσα Race Carbon