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Padded hiking strap PRO for Laser® and ILCA®

Manufacturer: OPTIPARTS
Manufacturer part number: EX2000P
SKU: OPT-LAS-00182
41.00 €
Not available

Extra stiff, 10 cm wide PRO padded Laser® / ILCA® hiking strap. Same design as our regular EX2000 hiking strap for Laser® and ILCA®, but made with an extra stiff close-cell foam plate material inside and fitted with a rubber grip underneath. Black webbing, 75 mm wide, partly covered with black wear resistant cloth that is perfectly UV resistant. Does not absorb water. Loop on the aft and open on the front. Our ultimate hiking strap for comfortable hiking.

Width: 10 cm, length: 86 cm.

Ιμάντας Κρεμάσματος Pro for ILCA