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Kite Reach Yellow

Manufacturer part number: 85000.200004
SKU: NKB-KITE-00141_250
1039.20 €
Not available
Material D2 Ripstop
Type Big air / Foil / WAVE
Struds 3

About: Travel with less gear, ready for any adventure. The Reach is a lively and playful all-rounder for big jumps, upwind performance and effortless relaunch, with unparalleled versatility and wind range - making it your go-to kite in all conditions. It is naturally playful and easy to ride, with high-performance attributes to guarantee you’ll never grow out of it. Evolved from a calculated fusion of the Orbit, Pulse and Carve, the Reach Performance Freeride is designed to excel at everything, from wave-riding to boosts, loops and freestyle tricks, and is the perfect match for our Sonar Foils. The fuller profile generates power and efficiency, while its lighter weight 3-strut construction delivers quick, responsive steering in even the lightest wind. In the three larger sizes, the Reach is a powerful lightwind kite, designed with a predictable, consistent drive forward for TwinTip riding long after everyone else has gone in. Includes:Kite, Bag, Repair Kit

Reach. Performance Freeride. Your Desert Island Kite. It Is Naturally Playful And Easy To Ride, With High-Performance Attributes To Guarantee You’Ll Never Grow Out Of It.