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Freeride Mast Base

Manufacturer: North WINDSURF
Manufacturer part number: 55009.230005
SKU: NORTH-WS-23-00034
99.00 €

 The Tendon Freeride mast base is our most versatile mast base and can be used from wave surfing and freeride, through to racing in choppy conditions. Your reliable go-to mast base for most sessions. A TPU tendon joint transmits the power directly from the rig through to the board. A relatively low profile ensures that the center of effort of the rig package stays low and in control. A direct connection from the board to the stainless base plate ensures a crisp feel. An internal safety rope, inside the tendon, ensures that in the event of breakage, you have the best chance of making it home again, safely.

- Low Profile
- Direct Connection Board to Base
- Single Piece Stainless Steel Euro Pin
- Internal Safety Webbing
- Screwdriver Hole for Easy Disassembly
- Easily Replaceable Tendon for Long-Term Use of the Mast Base

- TPU Tendon joint

Σύνδεσμος Freeride