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Focus Board Hybrid Black / Orange Flash

Manufacturer part number: 85002.210024
SKU: NKB-BRDS-00108_954
679.00 €
Not available
Material Hybrid
Board Type Freestyle

133x39cm, 136x40cm, 138x41cm, 141x42cm, 144x43cm, 148x44cm, 152x45cm

 Explosive pop. Dynamic Flex. Precise Response. The Focus Hybrid Carbon is precisely engineered to push the boundaries of performance freestyle riding. Greater traction allows you to hold that rail and edge harder, while the geometrically stiffer backbone enables more controlled take-offs. The hybrid carbon technology features unidirectional carbon reinforcement tapes for a well-balanced and responsive flex, so you can ride for longer, with flow and form. Butter-soft tips reduce the impact load on landings and slice through chop, making the Focus Jesse’s board of choice for winning the King of the Air; 'Having that extra little bit of rocker helps absorb the landing, especially when I come down hard, and the flex helps me explode on the take-offs. With the Focus I can control extreme amounts of power while still having a stable base to land on.” For 2021, the Focus has new pulled-in tips for added durability and comes supplied with bigger 40mm composite fins for added traction.

– Red Bull King of the Air winner
– Progressive rocker and squarer, flatter outline with new tip shape
– Quad concave bottom shape
– Hybrid carbon construction
– Quad-channeled butter-soft tips
– Harmony between rocker, outline and flex
– Lightweight, impact resistant eco core
– Dynamic Flex
– Durable ABS rail
– Stainless M6 standardised hardware
– Integrated grab rail
– Ergonomic handle
– NEW 40mm Fins Included
– Fix Boots Recommended
– Compatible with Fix Boots or Flex Bindings

Free your style

 Tested by nature and proven on the podium. The little bit of extra rocker in the Focus made it Jesse’s choice for winning the 2020 Red Bull King of the Air. 'To me the Focus is the ultimate board I could ask for. Normally I ride a 136, but in this event I ride a 133 because we’re so overpowered. So having that rocker and a smaller board helps me to control extreme amounts of power, and still gives me a stable base to come down and land on.” 

 Generates ultimate pop for aggressive freestyle moves. The NEW 2021 pulled-in tip shape adds durability.

 Forms a geometrically stiffer backbone for more controlled takeoffs, with dynamic flex to disperse chop with ease.

 Strategically placed layers of unidirectional carbon tape reinforce the E-glass laminate in high load areas. This layup is sandwiched with a Paulownia wood core to deliver a well-balanced, more forgiving flex so you can ride for longer, with flow and form. 

 Spread the load and soften the impact, letting you stomp your landings.

 Delivers easy carving through turns and greater traction, allowing you to hold that rail and edge harder to load up the board for an explosive release.

 Paulownia is a highly renewable hardwood species, with one of the highest strength to weight ratios. Ultra-lightweight, with a high shear force and high impact resistance, Paulownia wood forms a non-toxic core which significantly displaces the amount of foam or resin used in manufacturing, thereby reducing carbon emissions. Each board has a customised core thickness individually fine-tuned to ensure its characteristics are consistent throughout the range, no matter your size or weight.

 The flex characteristic of every TwinTip Board is determined by multiple features built into each specific design. Core thickness variations and taper, as well as detailing, longitudinally and laterally, play the most significant role in controlling the ove

Focus Board Hybrid