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Board Foil Scoop Mini 2024

Manufacturer part number: 85013.240009
SKU: NKB-24-1-00310
1099.00 €
Not available
Board Type Foil
Model Scoop Mini
Season 2024

 When we set out to design the Scoop Mini, we wanted to craft a board that would perform a single task to the highest standard possible. Instead of trying to do it all, we’ve focused on the essential. Introducing the Scoop Mini, a direct and responsive high-performance kite foilboard for more advanced riders. Featuring a compact, ultralight hybrid carbon construction with durable, high-density core. Less, but better.


Refined bevelled rails

 The slightly finer bevelled rails have been tuned to match the smoother rocker.

 Bevelled rails help with touchdown recovery, creating a wider deck with a narrower footprint. The effect is like having a smaller board. You don’t stick when you touch the water, but you still have the standing area for comfort.
‐ Scooped nose rocker
‐ Ultra-lightweight Hybrid Carbon with durable high-density core
‐ Compact outline with flat deck
‐ Smooth rounded rails
‐ New non-abrasive deckpad
‐ Centreline and V-Strap Foil Strap Inserts (straps sold separately)
‐ DropBox (165x90) Fast Foil Mount
‐ Foil sold separately
‐ Board mounting screws and t-nuts pre-installed

Scooped nose rocker

 For instant touchdown recovery, prevents nose-diving and helps to lift you back up on the foil.

Compact outline with flat deck

 Pared-back shape with a maximum-traction non-abrasive deckpad for direct feel and control.

DropBox Foil Mount

 The DropBox track system, structurally integrated between the top and bottom laminate for support, allows you to precision-tune the foil setup for your weight and comfort. Mounting compatibility with any Foil setup featuring a 165x90 bolt pattern.

Ultra-lightweight Hybrid Carbon

 The stiffer the board, the more responsive it feels. Our Hybrid Carbon Scoop Mini features a light yet durable epoxy composite laminate, with a balanced carbon and e-glass fibre layup, wrapped around a durable high-density PVC core.

Centreline or V-Strap Inserts

 Allow you to customise your stance with 5 different positioning options for each strap - or go strapless. (Straps sold separately)

Product includes: Board, DropBox 25mm Screw Pack (4x M8x25mm, 4x T-Nuts)

Board Foil Scoop Mini 2024