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38mm Aluminium Cam Cleat

Manufacturer: OPTIPARTS
Manufacturer part number: EX2182
SKU: OPT-ACC-00083
34.00 €

  Aluminium ball bearing cam cleat for Laser® and ILCA®. Features hard anodized and PTFE coated ball bearing cams. Aluminium cams for Laser®/ILCA® sailing wear significantly less than carbon composite (plastic) cams.

Max line diameter: 12 mm
Hole distance: 38 mm
Screw size: 4.8 mm

This product is compatible with Laser® or ILCA® but is not an original Laser® or ILCA® product. Laser® is a registered trademark owned by Velum Limited. ILCA® is a registered trademark owned by Laser Class Association Inc.

Δαγκανα Μεσσαιου Μεγεθους 38mm